Diamond Ring Builder

Wealth Planner

Guidinance for planning the wealth.

Create user-friendly and decision-inducing desktop application that should support the Lloyds Bank Wealth Advisers in remote sales force during their Fact Find process, and to provide wealth advice to their customers.

- The current Fact Find process gathered using paper forms.
- Time-consuming to organize the data gathered during Fact Find process.
- The wealth plannning suggestinons provided to the customers were data driven.
- Customer’s has to put more effort to understand on how the Advisers arrived on the data to plan their wealth managed which resulted FAILED CUSTOMER ADOPTION.

High-Level Process
- Interacted with Wealth Advisers and discussed all the pain points that a Wealth Adviser goes through during and after the Fact Find process.
- Conducted interactive sessions with Focus Group to understand the logical data grouping from the product stand point.
- Conducted Card sorting exercise with small set of Wealth advisers to understand their mental model and the challenges they face during the Fact Find process.

Data organization
- Grouped the content that is easy to understand and customer to foresee their future wealth planning in a graphical format instead of the data driven format.
- Used learned stimuli approach to make the users comfortable in using the application.
- Colours used create an emotional tone for clarity and prosperity to the customers.
- Created interactive prototype using Microsoft Expression Blend and SketchFlow to demonstrate usability and NFRs.

Interactive wireframes created in Microsoft Expression Blend SketchFlow


User Interface Designs created in Microsoft Expression Blend