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Family Safety

Locate family members and quickly communicate with them.

- Create a Smart Solution to locate your family members.
- Handling the emergency challenges smartly.

Real World Challenges
- Daily safety and peace of mind; not just emergency.
- Every second to reach victim counts.
- Connect friends/family (“buddies”).
- Timely contextual information.

Other Challenges
- Considering the Smart Watch’s form factor, it would be difficult for the users to customize the Android app on their Smart Watch.
- Providing minimal but effective features with less interaction on the Smart Watch.

High-Level Process
- Interacted with product owners to understand their vision on providing Unique Opportunities to make a difference to users’ lives.
- Created proof of concepts with Non Functional Requirements.
- Worked closely with the product development team to understand the system and it’s capabilities.

Setting up user account and product registration


Device’s configuration - Add emergency contacts
Created concepts and designs for a web application that allows users to customize the Android app using the web browser on PC / Mobile.


Device’s configuration - Setting up a safe zone
- Set safe and unsafe zones on the map and get notifications when your kid leaves or enters park, playground, school.
- Schedule the safe zone alerts and assign to your family members.


Using smart watch
- Smart watch is GPS enabled which is registered with the family saftey application helps to locate your family members.
- In case your kid gets lost, tapping an SOS button will immediately send you its exact GPS location.
- You can make priority calling from the smart watch.


Web Application - Monitor, configure and send messages.
Using web application you can add your priority contacts, configure priority and emergency alert messages.


Mobile application design
- The Android App interface helps you quickly locate family members on a map.
- Location history feature enables you to see the GPS location points and movement of family members during past 5 days.
- Stay in touch with everyone in your family network with quick communication and even receive alerts when family members reach specified locations or in emergency cases.
- Setting up alerts in the Android App will allow you to know when family members have made it safely to their next destination.
- Integrated with McAfee Priority Services: Priority contacts who can help during emergency solutions.