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Email Threat Prevention

Protect organizations from advanced email threats.

To design the end-user portal that allows for quarantine management, reviewing malicious emails, managing domains with custom policies, and statistics.

High-Level Requirements
- A minimal viable product with an intuitive dashboard featuring email statistics that provides insights to the customers (Administrators) to take necessary action.
- View malicious emails detected by the Email Threat Prevention System for customer organization with quarantine and delete functionality.
- Detailed analysis of the Advanced Threats detected by the system.
- Manage the settings for the domains that are being monitored by the system. Create customized rules and apply to domains
- Customers should be able to trace the emails.
- Provide various views based on the access level.

High-Level Process
- Interacted with the product owner to understand the vision and requirements.
- Conducted remote interviews with internal email administrators and customer support specialists
- Created various iterations for the data visualization on dashboard and reports.
- Worked closely with the engineering team to understand the technology limitations, and iterated the mock-ups.
- Created click-through prototype to demonstrate the user task flow to the engineering and QA team.

Final design
- In general, an enterprise dashboard used to track KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to a business, department, or specific process.
- Instead of providing the dashboard only for tracking the metrics, I have included the necessary actions to block the viruses, spams and other threats, which resulted our customers spent more time in the dashboard to track the metrics and perform certain actions. This translates into living design system.

Design Concept - for future use