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Diamond Ring Builder

Online experience to customize a diamond ring.

To create online experience for users to customise their own diamond ring. This allows users to invest less time and buy high-end products with trust.

- Based on the competitive analysis on the existing website, I have identified that users were not convenient in customizing their diamond rings.
- Too many fields to customize their settings.
- No clarity on viewing the customized rings before the final stage.
- User could not make a conscious decision.

High-Level Process
- Conducted interviews with stakeholders to understand their vision on this website.
- Created virtual personas to understand user’s needs to create a better online shopping experience.
- Worked closely with the product development team to understand the system and it’s capabilities.

Proposed Solution
- Aligned content / interaction in such a way it is easy for the users to customize what they are looking for with least effort.
- Created different visual treatments for AB testing.

Final Design
Iterated the design with the feedback captured from the testing.