Design for Life

My goal is to create simple, elegant and efficient products to facilitate strategic business growth and better human-centric experiences.


About Me

I am a seasoned interaction designer with over 18 years experience of creating compelling design solutions that will empower users to get a complete grasp of the product or service they interact with.

I get inspired from various sources. Nature remains a mighty muse-activator. I love the process of design thinking for solving complex design problems and have consistently created usable designs that created Trust, Emotional understanding and Persuasion factors.

Gained global exposure by working in a multicultural environment. Having worked with globally distributed teams (both internal and client location) helped me hone my skills to not only create effective designs but also in handling stakeholders and technical partners effectively.

My specialization includes understanding user needs, communicating effectively with users and stakeholders, interaction design, visual design, prototyping, data visualizaiton, establishing standards and best practices,

I have collaborated on many large projects, working with talented teams of designers, usability experts, engineering, product owners and users. Along with strong work ethics, I approach every project with the same attention and workflow, drawing on my creative talents and business experience to get the job done right.